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Lazertag Prices:

15 Minute Game----$5.00

We can handle up to 16 players at a time per game.

Special Group Rates

Our Lazertag facility can be rented out for $150 an hour with unlimited play.

A reservation is required for renting the entire Lazertag facility.

Birthday Parties:

Have a Lazertag party for your son or your daughter and we will guarantee they will have a blast as it will make a lasting memory for your kids and their friends. All prices are the same as above. The birthday person will receive 1 free 15 minute game.

Church Groups:

All churches are welcome. We have over 200 different church youth groups come and visit us each year. All prices are the same as above. The pastor or youth director will have 1 free 15 minute game.


We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American express.
$50 deposit for all private parties.

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