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Paintball Prices:

Players who need rental equipment - $20.00 Admission (Includes air)
Players who bring their own equipment - $10.00 Admission (Includes air)


Prices for Paintballs

100 paintballs------------------------$5.00

500 paintballs -----------------------$20.00

1,000 paintballs----------------------$35.00

2,000 paintballs ---------------------$65.00

Things to know before you come

The age limit: for playing paintball is 10 years old and up. A signed permission note from a parent/guardian is required for players under 18 years old. All players must sign a Waiver of Liability before play and bring it with you when you come or you can sign it when you get here.

What to Wear: We recommend that you wear old clothes such as a long sleeve shirt and long pants. All the paint is washable. We have clean restrooms where players can change clothes.

When buying paintballs: From what we found out from our customers is that the average recreational player usually shoots around 300 paintballs in about a 2 hour time period. This info is good to know when planning your paintball outing so you have an idea how many paintballs you want to buy.

We are a FPO (Field Paint Only) paintball facility.
Do not bring any paintballs to our facility that were not purchased here.

Our insurance won't allow it! Violators will be asked to leave!


Special Group Rates

Groups of 20 or more will receive a FREE 2,000 case of paintballs.

Birthday Parties:

Have a paintball birthday party for your son or your daughter and we will guarantee they will have a blast as it will make a lasting memory for your kids and their friends. All prices are the same as above. The birthday person will receive free admission whether they need rental equipment or not as well as 100 free paintballs.

Church Groups:

All churches are welcome. We have over 200 different church youth groups come and visit us each year. All prices are the same as above. The pastor, youth pastor and/or youth director will have free admission whether they need rental equipment or not as well as 100 free paintballs.


We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American express.
$50 deposit required for all private parties. 

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